Tuesday, 25 January 2011

General Adekunle Blessed Ruggedman

Towards late 2010, we all heard the song A WORD IS ENUFF FOR D 9ICE by Ruggedman, the chorus was sampled from the Evergreen General Adekunle's hit song of those days.(Awodi)
Lately, rumours were spread that Ruggedman was charged to court for sampling the song and was asked to pay a fine of N3million...We are happy to inform you with evidence that General Adekunle DID NOT CHARGE RUGGEDY BABA TO COURT...Ruggedman although couldn't get through to the General while putting up the track but he later had the opportunity to seek General's permission and The General is still very Glad that his own song amongst many more was actually chosen to be sampled  by Rugged...He blessed the song and furthermore blessed Ruggedman and everything that concerns...There was an after party too where Rugged performed the right in 9ja Land with some Dry Gin popularly known as the Elder's drink.

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  1. Hello publisher,

    More grease to ur elbow. We kind of like need more of these kind of stories to help us clear the air and be informed as events unfold in the Nigerian music industry. Work hard so that maybe a magazine can develop from here on.
    Best of luck as u get stories.